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Explore our clear, customizable Plans and Pricing. Designed for diverse needs, each package ensures optimum value for your brand's social media success.

Level 1

Up to 2 Posts Per Week
4 Story Templates
Community Management
Basic Monthly Insight Report
Community Engagement
[15 minutes a day, 3 days a week]

Level 2

Up to 5 Posts Per Week
5 Story Templates
Strategies: Hashtag, Engagement, Growth, Content
Community Engagement [ 30 minutes, 4 days a week ]
Community Management
Competitor Analysis
Advanced Monthly Insight Report
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At Media Lux Agency, we appreciate the uniqueness of each brand and recognize that effective social media management requires a tailored approach. We champion transparency, offering clearly priced standard packages, eliminating the need for frustrating quote requests. Each package is customizable to meet your business needs perfectly, be it for TikTok management or a custom Instagram grid strategy. We're just a contact away, ready to forge a partnership that elevates your brand to new heights
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Account management

Social Media Management 

Grid Planning
Strategy Creation
Caption Writing
Personalized Hashtags
Community Engagement
Account Management
Our agency offers expert social media management services, including visually coherent Grid Planning, tailored Strategy Creation, engaging Caption Writing, and targeted Personalized Hashtags. With our proactive Community Engagement and efficient Account Management, we ensure your brand's growth and visibility on all social media platforms.
What we do
Grid Planning:
This service involves meticulous planning of your social media content to create a consistent and visually appealing look for your profile. It considers aspects like color themes, post types, and the sequencing of posts to create a coherent, aesthetically pleasing grid that's appealing to your target audience.

Strategy Creation:
This is the process of defining your social media goals and designing a bespoke plan to achieve them. It involves understanding your brand, identifying your target audience, selecting the most effective platforms, and deciding on content types, frequency, and timing. This strategic roadmap is key to your online success.

Caption Writing:
This service focuses on crafting engaging, impactful captions for your social media posts. Each caption is thoughtfully written to resonate with your audience, tell your brand story, and prompt desired actions, such as likes, shares, comments, or clicks to your website.

Personalized Hashtags:
Here, we research and select the most effective hashtags for your brand and each of your posts. The right hashtags can increase your posts' visibility, helping to reach more potential customers and engage with your target audience on a larger scale.

Community Engagement:
This involves interacting with your audience on social media, responding to their comments and messages to build relationships. It's all about cultivating an active, engaged community around your brand, fostering loyalty and encouraging user-generated content.

Account Management:
This comprehensive service oversees all aspects of your social media activities. From scheduling posts and monitoring their performance to addressing customer inquiries and maintaining brand consistency across platforms, this service ensures that your social media operations run smoothly, freeing you to focus on your core business. Regular reports keep you updated on your social media performance and insights.

Online Branding

Brand Strategy Development
Visual Identity Creation
Brand Voice and Messaging
We offer comprehensive online branding services: crafting a compelling Brand Strategy, developing a captivating Visual Identity, and shaping a unique Brand Voice and Messaging. Together, these services foster a distinct, emotionally resonant, and memorable online presence for your brand.
What we do
Brand Strategy Development:
Our service here involves creating a powerful and comprehensive brand strategy that communicates your brand's values, goals, and unique selling propositions. We study your target market, analyze your competitors, and encapsulate your brand's essence into a cohesive narrative. This not only shapes your brand's direction but also offers a roadmap for your brand's growth and differentiation in the market.

Visual Identity Creation:
This is the process of creating a distinctive and appealing visual aesthetic that sets your brand apart online. From your logo and color palette to typography and imagery, we ensure your visual identity is consistent across all platforms and touch points. This consistency boosts your brand recognition and emotional connection with your audience, thereby enhancing your online presence.

Brand Voice and Messaging:
This service focuses on defining your brand's voice and messaging to resonate with your target audience effectively. Whether your brand is fun, professional, or inspirational, we ensure your brand's tone and messages reflect its personality. This unique voice helps to connect with your audience on an emotional level, foster trust, and build strong relationships.


Social Media Strategy Consulting
Competitive Analysis and Insights
Data Analytics Consulting
Our consulting services encompass Social Media Strategy Consulting for effective online campaigns, Competitive Analysis and Insights for strategic market positioning, and Data Analytics Consulting to convert raw data into actionable business decisions. Together, these services provide you a comprehensive strategy, ensuring your brand's growth and competitive advantage.
What we do

Social Media Strategy Consulting
This service offers expert guidance on crafting effective and bespoke social media campaigns. From choosing the right platforms to developing engaging content and setting key performance indicators, we help align your social media efforts with your business goals, thus ensuring maximum impact.

Competitive Analysis and Insights:
Our team conducts in-depth analyses of your market and competitors, helping you understand your current market position and areas of opportunity. With these insights, we help you devise strategies to distinguish your brand from competitors and capture a larger market share.

Data Analytics Consulting:
Here, we transform your data into meaningful insights. We help you understand your audience's behaviors, preferences, and engagement patterns, turning this information into actionable business decisions. This data-driven approach not only optimizes your current strategies but also enables you to forecast future trends.Together, these services encompass a comprehensive social media consulting package. By blending strategic planning, competitive intelligence, and data-led decision-making, we empower your brand to thrive in the dynamic social media landscape.

Content Creation

Content Strategy Development
Multimedia Content Creation
SEO Content Writing
Our content creation services encompass comprehensive Content Strategy Development to align with your brand goals, Multimedia Content Creation to engage your audience with a variety of captivating content, and SEO Content Writing to enhance your search engine rankings and drive organic traffic. Together, these services provide a potent content creation approach, designed to boost your brand's digital footprint, engage and grow your audience, and facilitate business expansion by improving your online visibility.
What we do
Content Strategy Development:
Our approach begins with developing a comprehensive content strategy that aligns with your brand's goals and audience's interests. We plan your content calendar, define the type and tone of the content, and establish key performance metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of the content.

Multimedia Content Creation:
Recognizing the power of variety, we create a mix of content to engage your audience - from informative blog posts and eye-catching photos to captivating videos. Each piece of content is crafted with the aim of fostering engagement and enhancing your brand's visibility.

SEO Content Writing:
We write SEO-optimized content designed to boost your search engine rankings and drive organic traffic to your website. This involves meticulous keyword research, creating valuable and relevant content, and incorporating SEO best practices for improved visibility.

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